A dedicated workers' compensation defense firm


Twohy, Darneille & Frye is a dedicated workers’ compensation defense firm. Located in the heart of the California valley, Twohy, Darneille & Frye has been specializing in workers’ compensation law for 40 years.

Twohy, Darneille & Frye litigates all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, including applications for serious and willful misconduct, discrimination claims under Labor Code Section 132(a) and tertiary claims of subrogation, liens in civil counterpart claims and credits between systems.

Not only does Twohy, Darneille & Fry handle all permutations of workers’ compensation law, but also enjoys a distinguished history of representing the unique aspects of public entity clients since the inception of the firm. The firm represents numerous counties, city municipalities and joint powers authorities throughout the state.

New attorneys are carefully mentored and trained in the quality application of legal advice and litigation strategies well known to the firm. Emphasis toward the optimal outcome for our clients in every situation is not only encouraged, but expected as part of the normal, routine business practice that the firm has exhibited throughout the past 40 years.

Positioned in Sacramento, the firm is aptly located to handle cases in virtually every venue throughout the state. Choosing to maintain the firm to one central location, the firm enjoys a tight, cohesive team of attorneys able to deliver the highest quality of legal representation.